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Has your group tried other fundraisers; pepperettes, cookies, batters, chocolate, books, plants…and everything in between? Give us a shot! With over 15 years experience and fabulous products & service, you deserve to give us a try. It will be deliciously profitable!

Fundraising At Its Finest

Earn $5 per boxWhat’s the one thing that can make our great products even greater? Great low prices, of course! Fundraising with everyday products that people flock to and enjoy just makes sense. There is a favorite for everyone on our fundraising program – boneless skinless chicken breasts, breaded chicken tenders, specialty items, wings, beef burgers, turkey sausage and more! Top quality products that are so good and well priced they practically sell themselves.

And you’ll earn $5 on every box you sell! To help make your fundraiser even more successful, we provide prizes and bonus dollars for you to use as incentives to increase sales.

Run a successful campaign today that will have product flying out the door from our freezer to yours.

Set a target, fill your freezer and bring in more profit!

Participants Boxes Sold Per Person Total Boxes Sold $5 Profit per Box Possible Bonus Total Profit
25 10 250 $1,250 $250 $1,500
30 10 300 $1,500 $250 $1,750
35 10 350 $1,750 $250 $2,000
40 10 400 $2,000 $500 $2,500
45 10 450 $2,250 $500 $2,750

2016-2017 Fundraising BrochureDownload the PDF version of the 2017-2018 Fundraising Brochure. The brochure helps you organize the entire process from beginning to end:

*Please call or email us to order the Sell Sheets and Master Sheets you’ll need.

Download the following documents for more detailed information:

Please allow 14 calendar days for delivery/pick up of your order once your order has been confirmed.

Elmira Poultry delivers frozen product and is not responsible for product being mishandled once it has left the truck. i.e. thawed product due to either late pick ups or improper storage.

Fundraiser Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to let you know ahead of time that we are doing it?

Can I get order forms and a package sent to us?

How much time should we give to sell?

When is the best time for delivery?

What do I do with the Master Order Sheet?

If we have sold enough to qualify for the bonus, what do we do?

For free delivery or to qualify for a bonus, is it the total amount that we collected or the amount that we pay to you?

What are the payment options for the Master Order Form?

What do we do if we do not qualify for free delivery?

Need More Information?

JD Sweid’s Fundraising Package is designed to take you through the fundraising process step-by-step. To request a Fundraising Package, either call a customer service representative at (519) 725-8696 EXT.235 or (800) 663-5694 or e-mail us at

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