Our Core Values

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Core Values
Our Vision, Mission, and Values are our platform to build a performance based culture. We can use the Vision, Mission, and Values to stay focused on our customers and the service that we provide. This is what differentiates us as a company.

By working together and embracing necessary changes, we will provide the best service possible.

Our Vision

“We will be recognized as Canada’s market leader in value-added protein products. Our success will be driven by great people who are inspired by superior results”

We further believe delivering the minimum expectations required is not good enough – externally or internally.

Our Mission is to:

  • Create our competitive advantage through improved customer responsiveness
  • Build and diversify our revenue base
  • Drive quality across the organization
  • Reduce costs to increase our competitiveness
  • Enhance business process to sustain superior results
  • Build the capacity and capability of our people

Our Values represent our mutual expectations of performance. The Values apply to everyone from the President and CEO to part-time and contract employees. We will test ourselves against these expectations and they will be integrated into all of our organizational processes including hires, promotions, learning and development and compensation.

Our Values represent the culmination of extensive discussion and dialogue within all parts of the Company. As a result, we have specific definitions of what each value represents.

  • Teamwork – Works co-operatively with other team members and colleagues across the organization
  • Integrity – are consistent with what is said. “Walks the talk”- Communicates intentions, ideas, and feelings openly and directly. Encourages openness even in difficult situations.
  • Performance Driven – getting the desired results and having an orientation to act on issues, objectives and projects with a sense of urgency. Meets goals and takes specific steps to achieve them. Overcomes obstacles to achieve results. Demonstrates a concern for working well and improves performance. Makes changes to improve performance.
  • Solutions Orientated – to help or serve others to meet their needs. Focuses efforts on identifying and meeting the needs of both internal and external customers and teaching others to do the same.

Live Our Values

Our Company is committed to operating in accordance with the highest ethical standards and applicable laws, rules and regulations. We place the highest value on the integrity of each employee and Company representative.

As representatives of the Company to the outside world, and regardless of the pressures inherent in conducting business, employees are expected to act responsibly and in a manner that will reflect favorably upon the Company as a whole.

All employees are expected to carry out their assignments guided by the principles set forth in our Vision, Mission and Values, our Code of Conduct and our Company policies.

Our Vision, Mission and Values have rich meaning and describe real consequences. Use them to grow your career, to plan your business and to guide your everyday activities.

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