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JD Sweid Foods utilizes only the latest processing technologies to ensure the highest quality, consistency and safety in all the products we make. With a full line of items within many categories, we are able to provide products that will meet the specific needs of all our customers. The ability to fully cook products in our facilities provides our customers with added food safety and flexibility. And having multiple species capabilities also lets JD Sweid Foods be your one stop shop for all your value added further processed protein needs.

Our Commitment to Safety: Our two facilities are all HACCP certified to ensure we provide the utmost in food safety. HACCP is internationally recognized as the primary means for enhancing food safety throughout the food chain, and is increasingly being used around the world.

Focus on Innovation: The only certainty in life is change, and we understand and embrace that philosophy to help meet our customers evolving needs. Our Product Development team is continuously developing new and innovative products and flavours to meet the changing demands of our customers. From flavour enhancement and variety options to health conscious options and fully cooked versatility, we have the team that can deliver.

At JD Sweid Foods we offer a wide array of meat products to many different industries. Our capabilities include poultry, beef, pork and sauces in multiple formats and configurations.

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